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Dorcas Katherine Meadowes.
December 20th, 1960
Artist, a charms lover, and a jelly sandwich fanatic.

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no one was saved.

The Great Hall was filled with students bustling about, getting ready for their day.  Their plates were filled, the table was packed, students were, as usual, a bit too loud for Dorcas’ liking.  Though she remained completely oblivious for the most part.  There was something more important that attracted her attention:  The brand new issue of the Sunday Prophet was clenched between her two delicate hands.

The Missing Person count was sky rocketing since the last issue.  The images of the families on the front page were weeping, holding each other and pleeding for help. 

Dorcas scanned the list of names, beginning to tear up as the list grew larger.

Othello Ceer.  25.  Last seen on February 7th.

Pamela Rousse.  14.  Last seen on February 13th.

Aurora Everton.  16.  Last seen on February 15th.

Ludovic Kaslov.  78.  Last seen on February 20th.

-rubs his head-


-smiles softly- Yeah…the firewhiskey is the problem here. I definitely wouldn’t want to be a raging alcoholic.

Just some tea…if that’s alright Doe. Remember the special tea you used to make all the time? I kinda miss that.

Well, like Walter once said to me, you can’t blame a guy for wanting to get knackered every now and then.

Oh! Right, my secret special tea.  Blimey, you’ve remembered.  I’ll bring some up on my way back from the Great Hall.  Does that sound alright, Sirius?

-rubs his head-


Hey Dorcas…-looks up and smiles- No not really, I’ve got a headache. I have no idea why.

Hm.  -frowns and sits down across from him- Did you not get enough sleep?  That would definitely do the trick.  Unless your headache’s a result of too much of Ogden’s Firewhiskey, then all you can do is drink lots of water and veg out on the couch all day.  Can I get you anything before I head to the Great Hall?


Rosie Tupper for Katie Ermilio, photographed by Jamie Beck


Rosie Tupper for Katie Ermilio, photographed by Jamie Beck

-rubs his head-


Fucking headache.

-examines him then tries to meet his gaze- Morning, Sirius.  Everything alright?

❝No, we weren’t lovers, but in a way we had opened ourselves to each other even more deeply than lovers do. The thought caused me a good deal of grief. What a terrible thing it is to wound someone you really care for - and to do it so unconsciously.❞
(Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood (via fly-flightlessbird))



Inside the castle? What the heck are you talking about? -chuckles- No, I won’t be moping.  I can promise you that.  I’m surprised you failed to detect my sarcasm. -pokes playfully-

Absolutely nothing? What’s happening inside the castle? -looks around innocently before laughing along- Well good, and again, good. Usually I can tell but…you stumped me. I’ve got to give you that. 

I swear if you pull a prank on me and I get me hair sopping wet…..-widens eyes- I’m an expertise in the field of sarcasm.  And now you know.


Marly! -grins-

Dorcas! how are you?

Fantastic.  My favorite holiday is tomorrow!